6 Ways Artificial Intelligence Impacts the World

artificial intelligence

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is becoming more popular and a common sight in today’s world. AI is the capability of a computer or a machine to think and learn. It is like creating intelligent machines that mimic the intelligence of the human mind.

The goal of creating an AI program is to learn and solve complex problems. In the future, with the aid of Quantum Computing, which is now in its nascent stage, AI will solve life’s most problems.
It could relate to the environment, aging, poverty, disease, an origin of the universe and many more.

As of now, AI is still in its booming phase, let us look at 6 different ways it will impact the world:

1. Employment:

McKinsey Global Institute wrote that 60% of all occupations have at least 30% of activities that are automatic. This does not mean that jobs would be eliminated. Experts believe that vastness of performing a task may reduce but a job cannot be eliminated. In essence, the combined use of AI and Human intelligence is the key.

2. Robotic Workforce:

Most of the human workforce would be replaceable due to robotic technology implementation. AI programmed robots will take over most of the labor-intensive work in factories. For the companies, it would help in lowering the cost of hiring workers and reducing outsourcing and offshoring.

3. More of self-driving cars:

Fully automated cars would be the future we will all look forward to. Tesla has already become the first one to launch a self-driving vehicle. Upcoming would be Audi A8 which would not require any driver input. In 2018, Cadillac and Volvo had also made their footprints in similar categories.

4. Human direct interface with Technology:

And this is happening frequently than ever!

It was 2016 when Amazon sold its Amazon smart speakers and the sales jumped at over 20 million. If we realize the ever-increasing invade of Google Home and Apple AirPod; we will get to know how fast we are learning to interact with the technology through voice-commands. AI-powered technologies like Siri, Alexa, Netflix are predicting human interactions over various platforms. They are getting smarter and are making the human experience better each time.

5. AI Guiding Knowledge Workers (Sales Representatives, scientists, academics) :

It is of considerable help when AI technology helps employees. In this case especially those in knowledge work. Today, tools like Gong, Chorus, and Jog are able to record calls made by sales and customer service representatives.

6. AI in Precision Farming:

As the population is rising decade by decade, food production will suffer. The AI implementation will let farmers keep a track on the better farming methods. They might also be able to understand what their crops and farms are going to need in the upcoming years. This could be possible by capturing real-time images through sensors. Through this farmers would get to know when their crops could go wrong.

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