About Me

Welcome to Digital Infer. I am Ila Gupta and I am from Chandigarh, India. By interest and profession I am a Digital Marketer. My journey with Digital Marketing started out when I began exploring and writing for the subject two years back. I wrote my content for blogs and worked as a freelancer while starting out. That was the time when my curiosity increased and I wanted to know and research extensively about the subject.

Alongside, I also started my own Blog in 2018 where I was exclusively writing on Digital Marketing. I was writing on Artificial Intelligence, Social Media, Online Reputation Management, SEO Trends, Tips to increase your Positive Online Reviews and many more. The time when I was writing on these topics I got to know that Digital Marketing and its multiple aspects have a strong requirement in today times. In many ways, these have been implemented and have a broad scope in the future all over the world.

Therefore, the very interest, curiosity, and passion have led me to the foundation of ‘Digital Infer’ a place devoted entirely towards exploring Digital Marketing, Artificial Intelligence, IoT with respect to implementation strategies, scope, strengths, and Tips related to the entire field. The very purpose why Digital Infer has been founded lies in the Value it wants to create in its own accord. It wants its readers to gain meaning and solutions to their problems and to become their One-Stop-Source for what they are trying to find.

I hope with this journey may you as my esteemed readers find value and essence that I have embarked to deliver.

Happy Reading!