How to Write Engaging Social Media Posts – 10 ways to be more interesting

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Writing for all forms of medium conveys a similar meaning – Value. A scrupulous writer should ask himself the following questions for every sentence he writes:

  • What am I trying to say?
  • Which words will convey the exact meaning?
  • What idiom or image will make it clearer?
  • How can I produce a long-lasting effect through my writing?

Crafting a piece of information for your social media platforms can be challenging. After all, your social media should also convey the same meaning and value that you are providing with your brand.

Follow these points below to make your social media more engaging platform:

1. Be Valuable

Providing a valuable piece of content comes in three forms:

a) Information: What happened?

b) Analysis: What does it mean?

c) Assistance: How can I do that?

2. Be Interesting

Many people and most organizations narrowly define what is relevant and interesting to their followers. They mistakenly assume that their followers want to read only about a certain band of subjects.

In this case you cannot limit yourself to particular subject because that will be utmost boring and predictable on social media. Here, is how you can be on-brand and more interesting to read at the same time.

Broad CategoriesDesired FollowersPosts examples
RestaurantFoodiesThe scientific way to cut a cake
MobileAndroid (If they are using)The 100 best android apps of 2019, six great android tips.
Digital AgencyMarketersKey findings about a customer loyalty.

3. Be Brief

Being brief and up to the point helps your audience to find meaning out of your content easily. Moreover, it also avoids any hassles of going through the long text. The more your text is brief, the more engaging your content becomes. For created content you can limit yourself to five hundred to a thousand words.

4. Be Visual

Images act like shortcuts to our brains, and that is why visuals are so powerful – Ekaterina Walter (Recognized Digital Marketer).

In the context of social media, the attractive piece of content attracts more audience than a plain text. Your social media posts should contain “eye candy” in the form of a picture, graphics or videos.

According to a study by a Skyword, “On average, total views (of its client’s content) increased by 94% if a published article contained a relevant photo or infographic. It is when the same is compared to an article without an image in a similar category”.

5. Be Organized

Organizing your content for social media is one of the important factors. If your posts on Facebook or LinkedIn are longer than four paragraphs, try to use a bulleted or numbered list. This makes larger information organized into smaller chunks, easy to read format. Your readers will not be easily distracted from the long text and they get the value of content at the same time.

6. Be Found

In the world of social media, it becomes essential to make yourself be found. Start by having a Social Media Plan for your business.

7. Be Active

The key to social media success is sharing three to twenty different posts per day but with quality content.

A guide to how many posts should be shared across various social platforms:


8. Be Analytical

Being analytical means observing the fact that what are the characteristics of the audience following you? But why this is important? It is because you get the opportunity to shape your content according to your audience persona.

For example, Facebook Analytics is a rich resource for finding your audience persona. It will even help you plan your future content accordingly.

9. Be Distributed

Scheduling and distributing your posts is the best way to optimize sharing across platforms. Here is a list of services you can use to schedule your posts:

  • Buffer: It schedules posts for Facebook pages and profiles, LinkedIn and Twitter. Team management and analytics are also available.
  • Hootsuite: It allows you to schedule content and to monitor and respond to comments. You can share to Facebook profiles, and pages, LinkedIn profiles, and Twitter.
  • Post planner: Post Planner works only with Facebook. It can easily be accessed from an app inside Facebook. You can find photos and trending content for story ideas. It is a great service for the manager of Facebook pages.

10. Share and Spread Goodness

Share purely for the joy of helping others, the amount of goodness and reciprocity you will receive will surprise you.

Posts which appeal to the emotional sentiment and attract goodness garner more engagement with users. Share other people posts, make positive and intelligent comments, and suggest sources and solutions. Goodness will eventually flow to your posts too, I promise.

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