Top 10 Social Media Marketing Tips for Business in 2020

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Social Media is the next ‘Big Thing’ for marketers now. It is a very powerful tool to connect millions of people together in split second. Businesses have to recognize which platform works well for them.

Here are the 10 social media marketing tips which will help to promote your business on Social Media.

1. Start with a Social Media Marketing Plan :

Social Media Marketing Plan will help you execute your business with efficiency. Ensure your Social Media campaign is in alignment with your business goals.

  • The goal you want to achieve through Social Media Marketing.
  • The audience you want to target.
  • Where your audience is most found and their social behavior online.
  • The message you want to deliver to your audience with social media marketing.

2. Conduct Social Media Audit :
Conduct an audit of your social media presence. Survey the landscape to find out what customers, influencers, partners and employees are doing on social media. According to Hubspot, you should conduct an audit every 12-18 months at a minimum.

3. Pick the best Social Media Platform for your marketing :

Various Social Media Platforms cater to unique purpose and reach a different audience. Pick out a platform which is in alignment to your buyer’s persona and the goals you want to reach. Recognize where your consumer is and how you can reach him. As an example – your business can look more visual and attractive on Instagram and Pinterest. On Facebook, you can consider a cost-effective strategy. This in turn can impact your organic Facebook presence as well.

Facts related to Social Media Engagement:

  • Content on Social Media is currently undergoing a massive transformation. Visual content like Videos, GIFs, photos, info-graphics is ruling the social media. About 82% of consumer IP traffic will be video by the year 2021, according to a report by Cisco.
  • About 500 million people a day view Instagram stories. This feature is popular today.
  • Facebook is the largest platform which is being used by people across the world. In 2020, the global number of Facebook users is expected to reach 1.69 Billion.
  • On Instagram, 80% of Users are following at least one brand account.
  • Stats reveal that engagement on Instagram is more than Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

4. Learn to schedule tweets on time :

Tools like Hootsuite will help you take the care of scheduling your tweets ahead of time. Scheduling is helpful if you are managing many twitter accounts.

5. Follow and Respond to your Social Media conversations:

80% of the customers expect the companies to respond to their post within 24 hours. Keep a track and respond to your audience more often. Organize hashtags challenge and giveaways to keep your audience engaged with your brand. This help builds brand loyalty from consumers end.

6. Use blog or newsletter as communication tool on your website:

A blog can be used for sharing news, valuable knowledge or sharing an opinion. The content on your Blogs and newsletter helps you to build affinity with its readers. This can be by:


  • It helps the company to transfer valuable content to their social media accounts.
  • Allow you to have conversations with your readers in real-time.
  • Shares valuable information from you to your receivers.
  • Through your blogs you can communicate as often as you want.


  • Keep your readers updated about any useful content that they may have missed.
  • Newsletter act as a medium of genuine feedback about new services or features you are introducing.

7. Use a social media content calendar to keep your content organized:

Social media content schedule is crucial for your social media success. Build a social media content calendar for Organization, Consistency, Reporting, and Ease. The importance is that it helps you plan your social media marketing efforts. You can visualize your content strategy and stay organized on all channels.

8. Build on a community of User and Influencer generated content:

Social Media Marketing is a medium to steer the customer-to-customer conversation about product-related information, opinions, and post-purchase experiences. Two components play the part here Influencer marketing and user-generated content.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing is where key influencers are identified in a target audience. They are encouraged to use their influence to spread word-of-mouth. They post pictures of themselves with the brand on social media along with brand-related hashtags. Influencers have a combination of 3 factors: Reach, Credibility, and Salesmanship. Influencers can be Bloggers, Sports people, celebrities.

User-generated content

User generated content is any form of content such as videos, images, discussion forums, audios. You can reach a wider audience with happy customers and good reviews. User-generated content is such a platform which can help you do that. You can make testimonials and publish happy customers on your social media. It will help you build your brand value and reach in a greater sense.

9. Make Buyer’s Persona:

It is a semi-fictional representation of ideal buyer based on data and interviews. You can make your buyer’s persona by:

  • Collecting data from social media, focus groups, online surveys, interviews or questionnaire.
  • Analyze the data based on the buyer’s behaviors and shifting trends over the years.
  • Your ideal persona will be ready with name, job title, and career trends.

10. Use SEO keywords in your company’s business profile:

Use SEO keywords, if you business is on LinkedIn. This will make it easier for users to search for specific industries.

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